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Rolling Ball Pile Tower Early Educational Toy

Rolling Ball Pile Tower Early Educational Toy

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Bringing the way through which your child keeps happy and cheerful. This toy is absolutely designed to make your toddler intelligent and smart. As your angel starts playing with this, it will help in developing children's logical thinking ability, enhance the ability to distinguish shapes and things, exercise cooperative skills and improve hands-on skills. Along with this, it also Promotes hand-eye coordination and stimulates sensory development. Multiple colors are provided to make it colorful and attractive.


1. Colorful colors, cultivate the baby's cognition ability of color.

2. Exercise children's concentration.

3. Easy to play, smooth to play. Put the ball into the basketball hoop. The ball will slide down the track from the top to the next layer, and finally reach the bottom.

4. Track Toys Random Color

5. bag packaging

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