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Adjustable Baby Bath Shampoo Shower Cap

Adjustable Baby Bath Shampoo Shower Cap

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To keep your child’s eye and ear safe from soap and shampoo, we are introducing an Adjustable Baby Bath Shampoo Shower Cap for your toddler. This cap is made of high-quality TPE material to make it soft and comfortable and provide you durability, convenience, flexibility and long-lasting. The design of the cap is made in such a way that attracts your child's attention and he/she loves to wear this. Adjustability clips are provided so that each one of you can adjust it hassle-freely.

Main Features:

[ Protective ]

The brim of the hat is widened and upturned, and the water can flow out from back side quickly, while preventing the water from entering the baby's eyes and ears.

[ Adjustable ]

Buckle design, the cap can be adjusted freely according to the size of the baby's head. 

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